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Epichlorohydrin (ECO/CO)

ECO's are noted for their superior gas impermeability and physical properties over a wide temperature range -40°F to 275°F (-40°C to 135°C); while maintaining excellent resistance to petroleum oils. Ozone, oxidation, weathering, and sunlight resistance are othertypical ECO/CO qualities.

Compound 571AG

  • Excellent general purpose physical characteristics
  • Good impermeability to air and nitrogen
  • Good petroleum oil resistance
    Tensile   Oil Aging
Volume Swell (Change %)
70hr at 150°C/302°F
Fuel Aging
Volume Swell (Change %)
70hr at 23°C/73°F
Compound Hardness
Shore A
MPa psi Elongation
ASTM #1 IRM 903 Ref fuel B
571AG 50 9.7 1400 400 -3 +19 +23