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Styrene Butadiene (SBR)

Styrene butadiene is a low cost, general-purpose elastomer. Known as Buna-S, it was originally developed to replace natural rubber in tires. SBR exhibits very good flex fatigue resistance and is resistant to many polar type chemicals such as alcohols and ketones. It is also widely accepted for use in automotive brake fluids. SBR, however, is not resistant to petroleum based fluids.

Compound 480E

  • Good general purpose compound
  • Specified for static sealing applications

Compound 480DR

  • High strength
  • Excellent flex and abrasion resistance

Compound 448AP

  • Developed for automotive brake applications
  • Upper temperature limit of 250°F (121°C)

Compound 508A

  • Excellent weather resistant compound
  • 50 Shore A hardness
Compound Hardness
Shore A
Tensile Elongation
MPa psi
480E 70 14.5 2100 340
480DR 65 19.7 2850 340
448AP 60 15.8 2300 280
508A 50 10.3 1500 400