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Plastic Thrust Washers

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Minnesota Rubber & Plastics is a specialist in the production of precision plastic thrust washers and friction components for ePowertrain, hybrid, EV powertrain and torque management applications.

ePowertrain, hybrid, EV powertrain and torque management systems operate at variable temperatures with precision components rotating at extremely high speeds. Thrust washers are often critical elements of these systems. They provide mechanical strength while limiting friction and weight.

Plastic Thrust Washer Benefits

What are Plastic Thrust Washers?

Plastic thrust washers and other load-bearing components are critical elements for the performance of powertrain systems. They need to withstand extreme temperatures while limiting frictional impact on the overall system. Mechanical strength and dimensional precision are necessary for plastic thrust washers to enhance the performance of these high-speed high-load applications.

Material Science: High Strength + Low Friction

Due to the importance of both strength and friction reduction, material selection is critical for thrust components. High-performance thermoplastics (Bearing-grade PEEK, Torlon, Aurum, etc.) are frequently needed in order for these components to survive the harsh environments within a powertrain system. Our team will evaluate an application’s PV rating (pressure x velocity) and consider both dimensional and manufacturing needs in order to identify the optimal material.

Molding and Manufacturing

High-performance plastics are often more challenging to mold. They require higher molding temperatures and complex tooling strategies in order to optimize repeatability and reduce waste. Our experience with molding these high-performance materials becomes even more critical with complex multi-cavity tools required for high-volume production.

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