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Find the Best Material Fit For Your Application

Accessible materials science experts dedicated to the success of your program.

Market Expertise

Medical devices, water, food & beverage, automotive, infrastructure, specialty industrials, and more.

Accessible Experts

Our scientists collaborate with you peer-to-peer to identify optimal solutions for every application.

On-Premises Lab

Quickly sample multiple chemistries and accelerate timelines by working side-by-side with our materials scientists in our new Innovation Center.

Explore Any Material

Our always-expanding library with thousands of proprietary materials makes selection and customization easier and faster — with better outcomes.

Designed for Program Success

Our experts will ensure the manufacturability of the formulations you choose.

Educate Your Team

Work alongside our industry experts and expand your team’s materials science knowledge by visiting our new Innovation Center.

One Source for a Full Range of Rubber, Silicones and Thermoplastics

You can bring us a finished design, and we’ll find the perfect material to bring it to life. But, if you involve us early in your design process, our immersive collaboration approach can open new doors and explore solutions that improve the performance and value of your products. We offer a full spectrum of materials — including rubber, silicones and thermoplastics — which can be customized to your exact specifications.

Hear from our experts: What does it take to select a material?

Accessible Expertise and an Incredible Portfolio

Our new Innovation Center makes our unmatched materials science expertise – and our world-leading material portfolio of proprietary material formulations — highly accessible to you and your team. It’s the perfect place to explore new ideas with materials science experts by your side. You’ll accelerate your current timelines and acquire a wealth of materials science knowledge for future projects.

A Reputation for the “Tough Parts”

Innovation isn’t easy, but it’s incredibly valuable. We’ve built the world’s foremost team of materials science experts and earned a global reputation for designing and producing the toughest parts. Engage our team earlier in your design process and discover new ways to reduce costs, speed timelines and improve device performance in the field.

See an example of how we solved a tough material science problem in this medical trocar seal case study.

Precision Analysis and Real-World Simulations

We mix, compound and extrude our own materials and leverage best-in-class 3D analysis and simulation tools to ensure quality and performance. The simulations we run are based on real-world conditions your product will endure. Get hands-on experience with these tools in our Innovation Center.

A Complete Materials, Design and Tooling Experience

Programs run smoother, manufacturing flows faster and more efficiently, and products perform better when you take an integrated approach to development. Through our years of experience, we’ve gained speed and efficiency. Now, with our new Innovation Center and powerful engineer-to-engineer collaboration processes, we’re consolidating some of the industry’s best materials science, design, prototyping and manufacturing experts in one amazing place.

Explore Our Material Selection Tool

We offer thousands of active rubber compounds and maintain the largest selection of ANSI/NSF Std 61 approved compounds in the industry. We also offer an extensive portfolio of Drug Master File compounds and possess regulatory approvals for UL, NSF, KTW, WRAS, ACS, W270, USP Class VI and ISO10993. In other words, we have the material you need.