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Medical Device Rubber and Plastics Component Manufacturing & Assembly

From design to delivery, we take your medical device business as seriously as we take developing advanced materials and manufacturing critical-to-function rubber and thermoplastics components.

We specialize in custom rubber formulations, designing and manufacturing rubber, silicone, and thermoplastic components and assembly services for numerous medical applications. Scores of medical device companies, from diversified global leaders to midsize specialty manufacturers, turn to Minnesota Rubber & Plastics for our advanced material expertise. For years, we’ve used science and technology and advanced molding manufacturing to solve sealing problems for hundreds of medical applications. Our global manufacturing facilities are ISO 13485 certified and have Class 7 and 8 clean room capabilities.

Bring products to life. Faster

Our new Innovation Center, opening in spring of 2022, along with an immersive design-prototype-build-test process will greatly accelerate development timelines. (watch the video for more).

Medical Device Capabilities and Innovation Center Overview Video

Turnkey Engineering and Design Services Save you Time and Costs

To help you create custom solutions that’ll solve any medical device engineering challenge, we offer a broad spectrum of design services:

  • Mechanical design and DFM review
  • Materials analysis; specialty elastomer compounds
  • Design and development
  • Prototyping services
  • Metal-to-plastic and plastic-to-plastic conversions
  • FEA and mold-flow analysis
  • Laser marking and pad printing
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Functional and leak testing


Minnesota Rubber & Plastics provides end-to-end services from design and development to manufacturing and assembly of precision components for medical device applications. Explore several applications below:

Need help solving a tough engineering problem?

Case Studies

Custom Formulated Material Delivers High Performance for a Surgical Seal Solution

A large medical technology company aimed to upgrade its medical device solution used primarily to cut and cauterize tissue in minimally invasive surgeries. The goal was to improve the design to allow surgeons to reuse the device by creating a disposable biocompatible flexible sleeve cover for the surgical instrument.

Wilson Wolf G-Rex® Gas Permeable Cell Culture Device Molded And Assembled By Minnesota Rubber And Plastics

Wilson Wolf created a paradigm shift with its cell culture design disrupting age-old beliefs regarding cell production. Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MR&P) facilitated the unique design with an efficient, high quality molded, assembled and packaged G-Rex branded product ready for the medical marketplace.