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Innovation Center

Bring Products to Life. Faster.

Opening Spring 2022, adjacent to our Plymouth, MN Headquarters

Innovators are looking to accelerate development of higher performing products. By engaging with R&D engineers early in the development process, we can shorten design time, create better components and significantly enhance the value of our customers’ products.

Our customers have told us that they need their vendor partners to help them innovate and get products to market faster. The best way we can do this is to bring our entire new product development process — materials science, design, prototyping, tooling, pre-production manufacturing, and testing — under one roof.

What Awaits You at Our Innovation Center

A Formula for Speed

Everything is under one roof, which greatly accelerates the process. We can take a typical four- to six-week development process and condense it to fewer than 10 days. The result? Production-intent and fully functional parts developed in a matter of days.

Unmatched Expertise

Collaborate directly with process engineers, tooling engineers and materials scientists, who offer world-class rubber and thermoplastic component design expertise. Benefit from our deep exploration of complex geometries and multi-material designs.

Full Spectrum of Materials

We engage with customer teams to create production-intent prototypes from a full range of materials, including LSR, gum silicone, black rubber and thermoplastics. We can apply our expansive collection of coatings chemistries to enhance our materials science solutions.

Innovation Center Building Rendering – Prototyping From a Full Spectrum of Materials

Ready to Collaborate Now?

No need to wait for the formal Opening of our Innovation Center. Bring us your product design goals, and we’ll work together to create highly differentiated products and get them to market faster than ever.