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Innovation Center

Bring Products to Life. Faster.

Innovators looking to accelerate development of high-performing products have a new place to collaborate. The new Minnesota Rubber & Plastics (MRP) Innovation Center provides an immersive engineer-to-engineer experience, along with a fully integrated design-prototype-build-test process. Customers receive direct access to some of the smartest minds in materials science through a co-development process that delivers project outcomes exceeding expectations.

What Awaits You at Our Innovation Center

Full Spectrum of Materials

We engage with customer teams to create production-intent prototypes from a full range of materials, including LSR, gum silicone, black rubber and thermoplastics. We can apply our expansive collection of coatings chemistries to enhance our materials science solutions.

A Formula for Speed

Our Innovation Center combines design, prototyping and testing under one roof, greatly accelerating innovation. See how we can condense weeks of development into days and make production-ready components faster.

Unmatched Expertise

Collaborate directly with process engineers, tooling engineers and materials scientists, and design engineers who offer world-class rubber and thermoplastic component design expertise. Benefit from our deep exploration of complex geometries and multi-material designs.

Why It Matters

Create Differentiated, Valuable Products

Once design objectives are clearly defined, engineers and MRP materials science experts can collaborate to find the best compound solution for your application. This focused co-creation process often delivers superior results in component development and end-product performance — and it’s made even more efficient through the unparalleled speed of our production-intent prototyping in the Innovation Center.

Materials Science Insights

Unlocking the full potential of materials science is one of the most efficient ways of elevating product performance, differentiation and value, while increasing your speed-to-market. While most engineering teams have a working knowledge of materials science, the depth of our expertise and our ability to formulate new materials can be a game-changer — and a learning experience for your team. Our new Innovation Center provides you with collaborative opportunities to develop breakthrough product designs and expand your knowledge of materials science.

A More Cost-Effective Approach

While it might seem such an immersive experience would be more expensive, it’s more likely to reduce costs. The Innovation Center provides a great opportunity to engage our engineering team from the onset of your project, allowing us to work together to optimize the best solution for your application.  This can save weeks — and tens of thousands of dollars — in the development process.

How We Work

You can bring your full team or a small, focused group for an immersive, real-time innovation experience. You can also access the full benefits of our Innovation Center virtually. Whether in-person or online, you’ll get the benefits of accelerated timelines, cost savings and improved product designs.