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Global Sustainability Report

Reporting and Our Ongoing Focus on Sustainability

Legacy-MRP meets Trelleborg’s sustainability objectives and reporting as described at

Our Climate Target “50 by 25”

By the end 2025, we will reduce carbon emissions by 50 percent related to sales, with 2020 as base year. Our vision is for net zero emissions in our own operations by the end of 2035.

Protecting the Essential

Protecting the Essential is Trelleborg’s commitment to sustainability in our manufacturing strategy and value chain responsibility with a focus on operations, compliance, and social engagement.

Sustainability Reporting

Trelleborg’s Sustainability work focuses on aspects of sustainability that create long-term value, sharpen performance and really matter to our customers, employees and shareholders. By asking our stakeholders what they consider essential, Trelleborg has identified the most important aspects of concern to feature in our reporting.

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