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Standard & Quad® Brand Products

We are the originators of the Quad Ring® seal design and offer a full line of sealing solution options in our standard product offering.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics produces a complete family of Standard O-Ring, Quad-Ring® seal Brand and custom seals to provide the optimum seal for a wide range of applications.

Our original four-lobed Quad-Ring® Brand seal design has been expanded into a complete line of custom seals with unique features to handle the most difficult sealing requirements.

Quad-Ring® Brand Seals

We pioneered and patented the original design and production of four-lobed seals with the Quad-Ring® Brand seal design. Developed to prevent spiral twist and withstand distortion and extrusion. The Quad-Ring® Brand seal offers longer seal life through reduced friction and eliminates leakage with sealing surfaces placed strategically away from parting lines.

Quad® Brand O-Ring Seals

Quad® Brand O-Rings are highly diverse and often serve as a designer’s choice when a sealing application is encountered.

Quad® Brand O-Rings will provide long term performance in a variety of seal applications. They are well suited for use as static, reciprocal and oscillating seals.

Quad® Brand Ground Rubber Balls

Quad® Brand Ground Rubber Balls from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics are carefully molded and precision ground for superior performance in the most critical applications.

Equi-Flex™ Rod Wiper/Scraper

Equi-Flex™ rod wiper/scrapers effectively wipe and scrape the full 360° circumference of a reciprocating rod. They are designed to remove road dust, dirt, ice, mud, weld flash, paint and many other particulates from the rod surface. They prevent damage to bearings, seals, packings and rods thereby reducing or eliminating contamination of fluids in hydraulic systems.

Have a tough engineering challenge that calls for a standard seal solution?


Identifying A Sealing Application Type

Although sealing applications can be classified in many different ways, a common method for classifying sealing applications is by the type of motion experienced by the application. The common application types are depicted in our online design guide. Plus, general sealing principles common to all of the seal types are discussed. View our online design guide.