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Water, Food & Beverage

From proposal, through design to delivery, we take your business as seriously as we take our business of molding advanced, critical-to-function parts. We offer custom material formulations, and a complete selection of water, food and beverage certified compounds.

Our engineers and technicians formulate materials, design, manufacture, and assemble components made from rubber and high-performance thermoplastics. Design engineers turn to us to help them build solutions for drinking water filtration and treatment applications, beverage dispensers, press/push fittings, water heaters, plumbing fixtures and more.

A Broad Spectrum of Services and Capabilities Save you Time and Costs

To help you create custom solutions that’ll solve any water, food and beverage engineering challenge, we offer a broad spectrum of services and capabilities from a single source:

  • Injection molding of engineered and high-performance plastics
  • Custom designed seal geometries
  • Metal to plastic conversions
  • High-performance bonding – metal to plastic, metal to rubber, plastic to plastics and plastic to rubber
  • Preliminary engineering assistance and mechanical design review
  • Mold design and development with complete prototype services
  • Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
  • Process engineering, including mold flow analysis, functional testing and leak testing


Minnesota Rubber & Plastics engineers and manufactures thousands of precision components designed for water, food and beverage applications. Explore some of these applications below:

Need help solving a tough engineering problem?

Case Studies

A More Durable Seal Reduces Warranty Claims for a Premium Water Softener Valve Manufacturer

A national manufacturer of premium water softener valves had been experiencing an increase in warranty claims from loyal owners. The company — a long-time Minnesota Rubber & Plastics customer — reached out to our engineering team to help them troubleshoot what was behind the warranty claims.

Tips for Designing Plastic Parts

When designing with plastic, the goal is to achieve a technically accurate design that functions well and can be cost effectively manufactured. Following these basic tips will help in accomplishing these goals and accelerate the designing process.