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Custom Molded Plastics

We develop and manufacture custom-molded thermoplastics components and assemblies for demanding applications

Our expertise in thermoplastics resides from our extensive tool design knowledge combined with our process expertise utilizing the latest in cavity pressure control technologies.

Engineers in industries as diverse as food and beverage to medical trust Minnesota Rubber & Plastics for our custom-molded thermoplastic development and manufacturing capabilities.

World Class Design and Manufacturing Expertise

As a manufacturer of high-precision thermoplastic components and assemblies, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics specializes in finding solutions to tough applications using high performance resins such as Torlon and PEEK. We offer a wide range of technical services and production capabilities for producing tight tolerance injection-molded plastic components, assemblies and sub-assemblies.

Have a custom-molded plastic project you’re working on?

Global manufacturing gives you more options

Your custom-molded thermoplastic components can be manufactured and supported at any one of several locations we have around the world: United States, Mexico, France and China. Our worldwide manufacturing facilities operate under strict ISO guidelines including ISO 13485 and ISO 9000. These facilities operate under a corporate-wide Environmental Management System registered to the International Standards Organization series ISO-14001.


Design Engineers: Read our Design Guide

We wrote this for design engineers because you don’t have time to become a rubber or plastics expert. That’s our job.

To gain a better understanding of the processes, materials and technical considerations involved in the design and manufacture of custom-molded rubber, read through our Engineer Design Guide. This comprehensive design tool details both rubber and plastic design issues including a materials overview and prototype mold design considerations.