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Compression Seals & Gaskets

We Develop and Manufacture Custom-Compression Seals and Gaskets for any Application

Custom Designed Compression Seals & Gaskets

Our products have full capabilities of designing and manufacturing custom elastomeric compression seals, gaskets, tubing, and bumpers. These products can be configured to practically any shape or size depending on the application. Compression seals can be simple round shapes or highly complex designs with square corners and fastening holes. Many different materials may be used depending on the application.

Where Compression Seals and Gaskets are used

Our inflatable seals are being used today in environments where cleanliness and containment are paramount.

  • Specially designed Nitrile (Buna-N) D-shape compression gaskets used to seal screens in oil and gas screening equipment
  • UL-rated gray silicone lighting gaskets used in explosion-proof light fixtures
  • Fabric reinforced silicone gaskets to seal hatches within a nuclear power plant
  • Custom, low-smoke silicone e-gaskets used to seal enclosures on railcars

Have a sealing challenge?


Design Engineers: Read our Design Guide

We wrote this for design engineers because you don’t have time to become a rubber or plastics expert. That’s our job.

To gain a better understanding of the processes, materials and technical considerations involved in the design and manufacture of custom-molded rubber, read through our Engineer Design Guide. This comprehensive design tool details both rubber and plastic design issues including a materials overview and prototype mold design considerations.