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When it’s time to design and develop a new device that calls for an elastomer component, there are a number of material options and manufacturing processes to consider.

Choosing the Right Elastomer Material

Did you know?

In addition to matching your application’s criteria with a rubber material’s physical and mechanical properties, manufacturing processes and their volumes will also impact your material choice and the unit price of your part? 

Learn why!

The long list of material properties impacting performance includes your prospective elastomer’s end-use environment, chemical compatibility, hardness, compression set, tensile properties and manufacturability, to name a few. Although the selection process may appear daunting, understanding your application, the physical and mechanical properties of your material options and the interaction with mating components will go a long way. These key attributes in conjunction with understanding volume ramp schedules will drive the proper manufacturing processes to ensure a successful product launch. Learn some of the factors and trade-offs you’ll need to address when selecting an elastomer for your component.