molded rubber

Custom Molded Rubber

MR&P provides a unique science-based approach to our molding capabilities, making us a preferred manufacturing partner for industry leaders in North America, Europe and Asia. To ensure molding consistency we designed a custom rubber compound mixing laboratory and testing capabilities to serve all of the MR&P rubber molding facilities. As a manufacturer of high precision components and assemblies, FDA Class 1, 2 and 3 products, MR&P specializes in finding solutions to tough applications which require the molding and assembly of close tolerance components. Our capabilities allow us to offer unified technologies to assist in design recommendations and complete project management to accelerate time-to-market.

The new laboratory and testing facilities include an automated rubber process analyzer. This system is the latest dynamic mechanical rheological test instrument designed to measure the properties of polymer and rubber compounds before, during and after the cure. Up to 100 different compound samples can be tested quickly without operator intervention. When required by customers, this allows for 24/7 testing which is very important to MR&P global molding operations. The new system has many additional advantages over traditional rubber test methods because of its ability to test under conditions of variable strain frequency and temperature, which reveal important differences in rheological, rheometric and dynamic viscoelastic properties.

The versatility of this system allows for polymers and components to be comprehensively characterized, especially in terms of intrinsic material properties, processability characteristics, and end product performance. MR&P works with over 3,000 different compounds to meet a wide variety of customer requirements. The mission of the new facilities is to ensure that every elastomer formulation developed by the MR&P design and research teams is mixed correctly and that batch consistency is strictly maintained to guarantee the highest quality products at all manufacturing facilities.

MR&P's corporate-wide quality systems include: ISO 13485, ISO-TS 16949, and ISO 9000 in all facilities. These facilities operate under a corporate-wide Environmental Management System registered to the International Standards Organization series ISO-14001.

To gain a better understanding of the processes, materials and technical considerations involved in the design and manufacture of custom-molded rubber and plastic parts, please request a copy of our design guide.