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Quality and Environmental Certifications

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Market Certifications

Medical2021 FDA Establishment RegistrationLitchfield, MNPDF
Medical2021 FDA Establishment RegistrationRiver FallsPDF
Medical2021 FDA Establishment RegistrationChinaPDF
MedicalISO 14001:2015River Falls, WIPDF
MedicalISO 9001:2015FrancePDF
Water, Food & BeverageNSF/ANSI 61Plymouth, MNPDF
Water, Food & BeverageNSF/ANSI 61Litchfield, MNPDF
Water, Food & BeverageNSF/ANSI 61Reynosa, MXPDF
Water, Food & BeverageNSF/ANSI 61Jiangsu, (Suzhou) ChinaPDF
Water, Food & BeverageNSF/ANSI 61Mason City, IAPDF
Water, Food, & BeverageTrelleborg Approvals and Certifications – Water and SanitaryGlobalVISIT SITE
Water, Food & BeverageTrelleborg Approvals and Certifications – Food & Beverage ComplianceGlobalVISIT SITE
Medical, Water, Food & BeverageGlobally Compliant Materials for Water, Food & Beverage, and Medical Device IndustriesGlobalPDF
InfrastructureDBS 918 235 Q1GermanyPDF
InfrastructureDBS 918 235 HPQGermanyPDF
InfrastructureUIC 864-5.OGlobalNA
InfrastructureNF F 50 025 & IG 04045FranceNA

ISO Certifications

ISO CertificationLocationDownload
ISO 9001:2015ChinaPDF
ISO 9001:2015FrancePDF
ISO 9001:2015Pawling Engineered ProductsPDF
ISO 9001:2015Primasil SiliconesPDF
ISO 13485:2016 CertificationNorth AmericaPDF
ISO 13485:2016 CertificationChinaPDF
ISO 13485:2016 CertificationPrimasil SiliconesPDF
ISO 14001:2015Litchfield, MNPDF
ISO 14001:2015Mason City, IAPDF
ISO 14001:2015River Falls, WIPDF
ISO 14001:2015Reynosa, MXPDF
ISO 14001:2015Jiangsu, (Suzhou) ChinaPDF
ISO 14001:2015Primasil SiliconesPDF

IATF Certifications

IATF CertificationLocationDownload
IATF 16949:2016River Falls, WIPDF
IATF 16949:2016Litchfield, MNPDF
IATF 16949:2016Mason City, IAPDF
IATF 16949:2016Reynosa, MXPDF
IATF 16949:2016ChinaPDF
The IATF has extended all certificates by 6 months. Please see this statement from page 11 of the IATF COVID-19 response document: “The IATF-recognized certification bodies are not required to reissue the certificates immediately. This document together with automated updates to the IATF Database and the IATF Certificate Validity Check are providing the evidence that the certificate is valid beyond the documented expiration date printed on the certificate” Minnesota Rubber and Plastic’s certification body has completed audits to update our IATF certificates, and our updated cert’s will be loaded when available.

MRP Global Certifications per Compound

Compound CertificationLocationDownload
ACS Certification for 558CMGlobalPDF
ACS Certification for 558CHGlobalPDF
ACS Certification for 558CKGlobalPDF
ACS Certification for 560CDGlobalPDF
ACS Certification for 560CEGlobalPDF
EC 1935/2004 Certification for 515CGGlobalPDF
EC 1935/2004 Certification for 536EGGlobalPDF
EC 1935/2004 Certification for 558CHGlobalPDF
Elastomer Guideline Certification for 558CMGlobalPDF
Elastomer Guideline Certification for 558CHGlobalPDF
Elastomer Guideline Certification for 558CKGlobalPDF
WRAS Certification for 558CMGlobalPDF
WRAS Certification for 558CHGlobalPDF
WRAS Certification for 558CKGlobalPDF
WRAS Certification for 558ALGlobalPDF
EN549 Certification for VAMAC 60GlobalPDF
EN549 Certification for HNBR 60GlobalPDF
EN549 Certification for VMQ 40GlobalPDF
EN549 Certification for VMQ 60GlobalPDF
EN549 Certification for FKM 50GlobalPDF
EN14241-1 Certification for VMQ 60GlobalPDF
EN14241-1 Certification for EPDM 60 Sulphur CureGlobalPDF
EN14241-1 Certification for EPDM 65 Peroxide CureGlobalPDF
EN14241-1 Certification for EPDM 70 Sulphur CureGlobalPDF