product design

Product Design Assistance or Support

We have dedicated and highly experienced Product Design Engineers that are ready to collaborate with you on providing Product Design Assistance to ensure successful and timely launch of differentiated solutions. Our product design engineers conceptualize and evaluate ideas by combining science and technology to create value. Their development role is facilitated by digital tools that allow them to visualize and analyze new designs, materials and products.

CAD Systems

Our experience in computer aided design allows us to accept files from all CAD systems. Internally our primary CAD system is I-DEAS®. We also work with PRO/Engineer®, Solidworks®, Unigraphics® NX and AutoCAD®.

In addition we utilize SolidView® Pro throughout the company to aid in technical communications.
External data transfer is by our dedicated FTP site: To enhance communications and collaboration we also offer private web conferencing.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Utilizing FEA we mathematically model components and their behavior in an application, taking into account geometry, material properties and their operating environment. A typical FEA output will appear as a movie so part movement and stress can easily be viewed in the application.

Our FEA software is especially well suited for conducting non-linear FEA on elastomeric or plastic components. FEA allows us to solve problems regarding component stress, strain, displacement, friction, thermal and impact issues as well as manufacturing simulations such as part removal from the mold.

Mold Flow

Mold flow analysis, or MFA, is a method for modeling the behavior of material in the mold during the molding process. It allows us to predict how the material will flow and cure during the molding process, the final geometry of the molded part and process efficiency.

Mold flow analysis optimizes the mold design process, the mold and the products design to improve quality and reduce cost as well as time-to-market. We utilize SIGMASOFT® Software by SIGMA Engineering GmbH of Aachen, Germany. This is a powerful molding analysis package which is capable of analyzing thermoplastic and thermoset molding.

MFA modeling in part allows us to view and test for:

  • 3D flow effects such as jetting
  • Temperatures and pressures within the mold
  • Prediction of defects such as flow lines and air trap
  • Air Pressure in the mold planning (vent location)
  • Rubber Scorch
  • Predicted Cycle Times
  • Thermally induced residual stresses and distortion for die and inserts

Seal Design

Seal design can be very complex. While small in cost, seals are often the most important components in a product. Seals must be carefully designed and produced to ensure optimal performance in their application.

All sealing applications fall into one of three groups:

  • Applications where there is no movement (static).
  • Applications where there is linear motion (reciprocating).
  • Applications in which there is high speed rotation (rotary).

It should be noted that seals and grooves for dynamic or rotary applications are different in design and specification and these differences are described in more detail in Section 6 of our Engineering Design Guide.


Through our rapid prototyping services we can quickly fabricate a scale model of a part or assembly. These models can be used for testing and to create models for tooling, such as with silicone rubber molds.

The benefits of rapid prototyping include:

  • Decreased development time
  • Reduced potential for design errors
  • Minimized engineering changes
  • Decreased delivery time