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Global Sustainability Report

Reporting and Our Ongoing Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability Strategy Statement From Our CEO and President Jay Ward

Jay Ward
CEO and President Jay Ward

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Sustainability Report

We recently celebrated our 75th anniversary from humble beginnings in late 1945. Our business is guided by a strong belief in human ingenuity. Our valued customers collaborate with us to use our collective creativity, problem-solving and unique skills to create products that produce outcomes that have positive impacts on people around the world every day. Our unique business focus on elastomer and thermoplastics materials science, in designs that can’t fail, brings essential and innovative products to the market faster. In 2020 we spent considerable energy and resources to keep our employees safe and healthy as COVID-19 spread across the world. As the year progressed our business rebounded and we grew to record high sales as we proved our resilience for our customers in the face of uncertainty. Our partnership with these customers leads to powerful impacts on our world.

Improving our Sustainability

As a manufacturer of critical parts and components that serve a wide range of end-markets we positively impact the Customers, the people they serve, and the environment. We make parts that help bring medical solutions to patients that improve outcomes, that allow vehicles to run more efficiently enabling a cleaner environment, and that helps supply clean water to people across the globe. We have been focused on serving markets that reduce the reliance on carbon fuels, we have invested in equipment and infrastructure at our factories that reduce power consumption, and this year we learned the positive impact we can have on the environment through a project that significantly reduced nitrogen usage and our carbon footprint.

Focus on the Future

Our closest Stakeholders, Employees and Customers, have responded positively to our focus and efforts to be good stewards of natural resources we use. Employees recognize that through good product design, improvements in machine efficiency, reduction of scrap, and many day-to-day activities we can reduce emissions and waste. As we enter 2021 we are targeting projects outlined in our sustainability report to further promote our Environmental, Social and Ethical responsibilities. We’re invested in continually pushing the boundaries of materials science. And we value customer collaboration. Our new Innovation Center, opening in the spring of 2022, is founded on these beliefs and provides our customers and our own innovators with the integrated resources to bring amazing new products to life. The innovation center will allow us to explore a full range of materials and process science techniques that meet our Customers’ design needs while, balancing the long term impact of the material choice on the environment.


Download sustainability reporting, released in October 2021, for Minnesota Rubber and Plastics at the link below. The report covers topics such as:

  • Sustainability Principles
  • Risk Evaluation and Management
  • Values and Policy
  • Leadership Process
  • Boundaries, Reporting, and Materiality
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions
  • Reduction of Energy Consumption and GHG emissions
  • Material Use, Disposal, and Environmental Compliance
  • Supplier Environmental Conformance
  • Employee Details and Employee Benefit Overviews
  • Safety Statement
  • Governance
  • Supply Chain Evaluation
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