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Rubber & Plastic Valves

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Precision Valving Component

Precision Molded Plastics and Rubber Valves

Valving is critical for precision flow-control in multiple cooling and hydraulic control systems. As valving applications continue to evolve from simple on/off functionality toward more intelligent variable flow systems, components and performance requirements become increasingly complex.


Minnesota Rubber and Plastics precision plastic valving components and rubber sealing elements offer a lightweight solution for complex fluid management systems. Our expertise with high-performance plastics as well as elastomer sealing solutions, make us the best choice for automotive fluid management needs.

Modern fluid management systems are increasingly complex, with dynamic sealing requirements and multiple ports. Precision is required to enhance sealing performance and valve function. Plastic valving components can also provide inertial benefits that can improve overall system performance.

We can solve all your rubber and plastic valve component challenges under one roof. With our global footprint, we can provide the parts where and when you need them while adhering to all global quality certification standards.

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