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Beverage Dispensers Seals and Custom Overmolds

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Beverage Dispenser


Beverage Dispenser applications vary from soda fountains at your local casual dining and fast-food restaurants to drinking water fountains to beer taps and kegs. Some of these applications have highly concentrated flavors that are extremely acidic and can cause damage to typical rubber compounds. Components within dispensers include: valves, pumps, seals, filters and o-rings.

Benefits of our Rubber Seals and Overmolds

Beverage Dispenser applications require specially formulated rubber compounds engineered to meet the application sealing performance requirements as well as stringent worldwide certifications. Minnesota Rubber and Plastics combines material compound development leadership with superior product design expertise to deliver unmatched solutions for the beverage dispensing market.

Materials science is at the heart of any new product we develop. Our formulation chemistries are tailored to meet your exact requirements, be it elastomers, Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSR) or high-performance thermoplastics. Any material can be developed, molded, overmolded, and tested in our state-of-the-art Materials R&D facility to allow you to sample multiple chemistries for your applications.

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