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Cell Therapy

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Rubber Seals for Medical Components


LSR Membrane Integrated Thermoplastic Assemblies

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics is a leading designer and manufacturer of customer liquid silicone rubber (LSR) thin film membranes in cell therapy applications. These versatile culture devices can turn 300 million cells into 100 billion in just 11 days.

To generate this high rate of cell growth, a convection process is used as opposed to diffusion. This is the key to achieving maximum cell growth with uninterrupted access to nutrients.

The finished assembly—which properly positions and holds the LSR thin-film membranes—consists of an incubator shelf, and a high nutrient-capacity bottle supported with a ring at the base, and a cap on top.

To maintain sterile conditions during manufacturing, all molding, assembly and packaging operations take place in USA-based Minnesota Rubber & Plastics ISO Class 7 clean rooms.


An Improved Design Lowers Product Costs

The improved design of our next-generation thermoplastic assemblies resulted in fewer components, which helped drive down material and manufacturing costs. At the same time, the design and custom resins of these devices meet FDA registered Class 1 medical device requirements.

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics material formulations are compliant with ISO 10993 and USP Class VI.

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