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Diabetes Delivery System


Custom Molded Rubber Seals for Insulin Delivery Systems

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics provides medical device manufacturers with custom molded rubber seals for insulin pumps. This precision pump is the heart of continuous glucose monitoring devices, which are carried at all times by Type I diabetics.

Insulin pumps, reservoirs, and their internal components are engineered to perform flawlessly every hour of every day. There’s no latitude for system failures, such as leaks or material breakdowns. Many of our custom elastomer formulations are manufactured to stringent regulations such as ISO 10993 part 5, and USP Class VI.


Lab-Developed Custom Rubber Seals that Hold Up for Years

The formulations for our insulin pump rubber seals were developed in our advanced materials lab by a team of dedicated materials engineers and scientists. These seals must prevent leaks while not degrading the seals or contaminating insulin.

Fully-Equipped Advanced Materials Lab

One of the reasons medical device companies prefer working with Minnesota Rubber & Plastics is our steadfast dedication to the scientific method for developing materials. Our advanced materials lab features a broad range of analytical equipment, including:

  • -Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR)
  • -Infrared Microscope
  • -Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
  • -Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)
  • -Rubber Process Analyzer (RPA)
  • -Moving Die Rheometer (MDR)
  • -UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics works with customers to design and develop high-quality and reliable products to access critical care procedures. From lead implant tools to introducers and sheaths that provide entry points for lead placement or other vascular procedures, our product development engineers collaborate with you to create custom designs and materials for cardiovascular applications.

In fact, our technical team of engineers and scientists develop and refine solutions for the most demanding applications—including integrated assemblies and LSR hemostasis slit valves. Years of product experience and leveraging tools like FEA analysis, Moldflow and DFM, separate us from competing firms.

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