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Drinking Water Filtration Rubber Seals & O-Rings

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Drinking Water Filtration


Drinking Water Filtration systems clean water to protect people from harmful contaminants including lead. An added benefit is an improvement in the water taste and refreshment. Applications range from filters for simple water pitchers, to sophisticated whole home systems. Minnesota Rubber and Plastics supplies custom rubber o-rings and seals for a wide range of water filtrations systems.


An Improved Design Lowers Product Costs

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics’ custom elastomer compounds are formulated for high purity with near zero odor or taste transfer. Other inferior rubber compounds can transfer an unpleasant odor and/or taste to water after passing through the drinking water filtration systems. The quality of the rubber compound selected matters! Our specialty formulated compounds are designed to meet global regulations and maintain chemical and compression set resistance.

Materials science is at the heart of any new product we develop. Our formulation chemistries are tailored to meet your exact requirements, be it elastomers, Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSR) or high-performance thermoplastics.

High Performance EPDM O-ring

LSR Filter Seal

Food and Beverage Precision Filter

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