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FKM Seals

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FKM Rubber / Elastomer Application

FKM elastomer seals are often the chosen solution when the application involves the extreme temperatures and/or fluid compatibility. Modern automotive fluid management systems increasingly demand sealing performance in these challenging environments.

FKM Benefits

FKM compounds are designed to provide flexibility at -40°C while providing the superior general chemical resistance that is characteristic of FKM elastomers. Custom FKM compounds developed by Minnesota Rubber & Plastics provide excellent compression set resistance and very good general chemical resistance, including resistance to fuels, coolants, and petroleum-based fluids or lubricants.

Materials science is at the heart of any new product we develop. Our formulation chemistries are tailored to meet your exact requirements, be it elastomers, Liquid Silicone Rubbers (LSR) or high-performance thermoplastics.

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