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Overmolded Plastic + Rubber Seals

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Overmolded Plastic and Rubber Seal Header Connector


Critical automotive systems often require complex sealing components. These seals are needed to enhance fluid management system performance or to protect crucial applications from contamination. Often times, a simple rubber seal is not adequate and a bonded rubber-on-plastic solution provides the necessary sealing performance needed for challenging applications.


Minnesota Rubber & Plastics has the unique ability to provide parts that integrate the benefits of superior elastomers combined with high-performance plastic. Frequently, sealing applications require the performance characteristics of both rubber and plastic in a singular component. These parts need a strong bond (mechanical or chemical) in order to guarantee performance under challenging sealing conditions.

We can leverage our extensive experience with both materials to provide a complete overmolded component that meets the customer’s needs. This materials expertise also allows us to optimize bond strength via part surface preparation, adhesive processing and/or material formulation.

Eliminate the redundancies and inefficiencies of dealing with two different molding suppliers. Let us help design and deliver an integrated over-molded solution for your multi-material application challenges.

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