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Minnesota Rubber & Plastics (MRP) is a global supplier of elastomer components for railway and railway track systems. For over 75 years we have supplied the rail industry with critical elastomer and thermoplastic components for both static and dynamic applications.

Today, increased regulations and standards, along with more demanding operating environment, challenge materials and designs with aggressive fluids, fuels and longer warranty periods. MRP rail track and rolling stock products provide excellent vibration, sealing and insulation qualities for rail systems throughout the world.


  • Track Noise Reduction
    • High-speed line
    • Intercity Trains
    • Light Trains / Tramway
  • Subway Track Noise Mitigation
    • Rubber Boot & Micro-Pad
    • Bi-Block & Mono-Block Concrete Sleepers
  • Fastener System Applications
    • Main Lines / High-Speed Lines
    • RAIL PADS (-5db) Static stiffness from 60 to 200kN/mm
  • Subway
    • Boots and Micro Cellular Pads
  • Tramway
    • Studded Pads – (-8 to -10db)
  • Heavy Haul
    • RAIL PADS – Static stiffness from 200 to 400kN/mm)
  • Railway Crossing


  • Worldwide standard: UIC 864-5.O
  • France: NF F 50 025 & IG 04045
  • Belgium: L63-I
  • Germany: DBS 918 235

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