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Structural Heart

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Structural Heart Valves and Components


Structural Heart Instruments and Devices

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics partners with medical device companies to produce implantable heart valve components, delivery system seals, homeostasis valves and components and surgical instruments used in the structural heart space. The thin cross-section and complex geometry of the heart valve components are manufactured out of long-term implantable biocompatible materials. Molded with high-performance thermoplastics, these intricate, yet robust devices are designed to “live” within the human body for 10–20 years or more.

Custom-Designed Surgical Instruments for Implanting & Sizing

Along with custom structural heart valve components we manufacture for medical device firms, we also design and manufacture critical components for the instruments surgeons use to place and size valves within patients. These instruments are used in surgical heart valve replacement procedures.

To complement the structural heart surgical space, we work closely with customers developing and manufacturing components within the minimally invasive procedural space, as well.

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics supports cutting-edge minimally invasive surgery within the structural heart space through the development and manufacturing of delivery systems components used in transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR) and transcatheter mitral valve repairs (TMVR).

We design and manufacture critical components for these instruments with custom EPDM, LSR and HCR elastomer materials.

  • Homeostasis valves
  • Plunger seals
  • Custom O-rings, lip seals, and Quad rings
  • Diaphragm seals

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Designed Structural Heart Valves and Components Last for Decades

We work with medical device leaders to design and manufacture structural heart components using high-performance biocompatable thermoplastics, silicone and rubber products.

The rubber materials perfected in our advanced materials laboratory are formulated to comply with stringent regulations such as ISO 10993 part 5, and USP Class VI.

Our science-based approach to designing and refining heart valves and similar components results in products that work flawlessly for decades.

Surgeons also rely on trusted Minnesota Rubber & Plastics tools to properly size and implant these highly-refined heart valves.

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