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Surgical Instruments

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Advanced Surgical and Orthopedics Instruments


Custom Molded Surgical and Orthopedic Instruments

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics helps medical device companies design and manufacture advanced surgical and orthopedics devices. These include:

  • Overmolded handles and devices
  • Components and sub-assemblies for surgery
  • Endoscopes and other imaging and positioning devices for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)
  • Single-use devices for cardiovascular and orthopedic and general surgical procedures
  • Mixing and delivery systems seals and components

When required, our products comply with USP Class VI standards. Additionally, our advanced polymers and formulations—including polyethersulfone grades—resist chemicals and bodily fluids including enzymatic soaking agents, high-level disinfectants, blood reagents, and anesthetics.

For years, we’ve worked with medical device manufacturers and designers to provide them with a wide spectrum of colors and polymers that offer the following features at elevated temperatures:

  • Sterilizability
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Biocompatibility
  • Durability
  • Hydrolytic stability
  • Bond Integrity


Advanced Polymers Retain 85%–100% Hydrolytic Stability

Minnesota Rubber & Plastics provides both transparent and opaque molded colors with our polymers, which gives designers and companies unlimited options for customizing colors to help you comply with your brand standards.

What’s more, designers can use transparent color combinations to create modern, vibrant effects. Additionally, all of our materials can be autoclaved for repeated use. In fact, our polymers retain 85%–100% hydrolytic stability after long-term exposure (two years continuous). Which means the surgical instruments and devices we’ll last longer—through thousands of procedures.

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