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Water Heaters Rubber Seals & O-Rings

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Water Heater System


Water Heater systems can be a traditional tank or a newer tank-less system that only heats the water on demand. Both systems require rubber compounds that seal throughout many thermal cycles.

Benefits of Our Rubber Seals & O-Rings

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics elastomer compounds are formulated to be highly compression set resistant even at the continuous high temperature exposure of a hot water heater system. MRP compounds have exceptional chlorine and chloramine resistance. Rubber seals must consistently operate for many years without degradation, shrinkage or leakage.

Our comprehensive portfolio of rubber compounds has proven, long-term performance in the field.

Extensive qualification and quality checks are completed in our NSF audited lean six sigma production facilities. Automated vision inspection ensures that each and every part will seal reliably.

Baffle for Heat Trap

High Performance EPDM O-ring

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