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Explore our Materials Library for Your Component Design

At Minnesota Rubber & Plastics, we know that our customers are innovators who want to try to come up with solutions to their projects before involving a third-party supplier. We also know that with seemingly endless options of material choices, it’s beneficial to have a way to narrow those choices down. That’s why we created a Material Selection Tool. This tool will help innovators, whether an engineer or R&D expert, begin to explore material options for the components in their design.

We have a library of thousands of custom elastomer material formulations and standard high-performance thermoplastics. We offer a full spectrum of materials — including rubber, silicones and thermoplastics — which can be customized to your exact specifications.

Try our Material Selection Tool

This tool isn’t meant to replace a consultation with a material scientist, but it will help you start your innovation journey. If you involve us early in your design process, our immersive collaboration approach can open new doors and explore solutions that improve the performance and value of your products.

Here’s how the Material Selection Tool works:

  1. Enter the information you know about the material characteristics and/or the application. You don’t need to know everything, but the more information you enter, the more relevant the results will be.
  2. The selection tool will supply you with a sortable list of potential materials to explore
  3. Next, explore these material options by downloading the material data sheets
  4. Contact us for a consultation with our materials science experts – use the data sheets as a guide in your discussion.

Try our Material Selection Tool and let us help you bring your product to life, faster.