Trusted Solutions Provider Proving to Increase Efficiency, Lengthen Life Cycle and Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Most Critical Applications

Materials & Design Support For:

  • High Performance Plastics
  • Highly Lubricious Elastomers
  • Integrated Components
  • Micro-Molding
  • Large Parts Capability

Solutions that Benefit You:

Increased Efficiency

Light Weight Materials

  • Metal to plastic replacements
    •  valves, bodies, poppets, spools, covers
    • bushings, bearings (rotary and thrust)
  • Friction and wear reduction
    •  low coefficient of friction seal designs
    • low coefficient of friction materials
    •  wear and friction modified thermoplastics and elastomers

Longer Life Cycle

Innovative Materials

  • wide variety of materials that meet ever increasing thermal, mechanical and chemical requirements
  • integrated components, over molding/combining dissimilar materials to achieve unique properties
    Reduced/integrated components to reduce failure modes
  • integrated components to reduce total number of components and weight

Reduced Environmental Impact

Improved seal designs and lower leak rates

  • state of the art FEA, mold flow capabilities to develop innovative sealing solutions
  • advanced material testing and characterization capability to develop unique/customized material properties
  • comprehensive tooling and manufacturing capabilities to mold differentiated seal designs

High Performance Material Expertise:

Elastomeric Solutions

  • Wide variety of materials that meet chemical and thermal specifications
  • Over molding
  • Low coefficient of friction elastomers

High Performance Thermoplastic Solutions

  • Wide variety of materials that meet fluid power requirements
  • over 25+ years of high performance thermoplastic molding experience (PEEK, PPS, PAEK, etc.)
  • Metal to plastic conversion

Integrated Components Expertise

  • Interfacial chemistry expertise enabling over molding and bonding
    •  metal to plastic or rubber
    • plastic to plastic
    • plastic to rubber
  • Assemblies and sub-assemblies
  • Components elimination/optimization

Application Areas:

Gas Metering/Regulation & Distribution

  • Safety valves
  • Flow control
  • Valve seats
  • Process control systems
  • Connectors
  • Miscellaneous seals
  • Pump diaphragms

Hydraulics/Fluid Power

  • Pressure development Hydraulic Pumps
    • vane
    • pistons and gears
  • Pressure control
    • hydraulic pressure valves
  • Power transfer
    • couplings
    • manifolds/valves
  • Actuation
    • cylinders
    • motors

Pneumatics/Fluid Power

  • Pressure development
    • pneumatic pumps
    • diaphragms and pistons
  • Pressure control
    • pneumatic pressure valves
  • Power transfer
    • couplings
    • manifolds
  • Actuation
    • cylinders
    • motors