Medical Device, Transportation, and Water Markets

Medical, Transportation, Water, Food & Beverage Markets

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics is a leader in providing precision made rubber and plastic components and assemblies. Throughout our global operations, our focus is on creating value for our customers by providing outstanding technical and manufacturing services. From design and materials engineering to customer support, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence in the quality and performance of the products we sell.

Custom molded rubber and plastic components for a wide range of markets.

• Injection Molded Plastics • Assemblies and Sub-assemblies • Custom Seals and Shapes • Insert Molding in Thermoplastics, Rubber and Silicone • Injection, Transfer, Compression and LSR Molding • Rotary Seal Rings and Thrust Washers • Rubber to TPE Conversions • Metal to Plastic Conversions • Tool Design and Construction

Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding.

• Robotic Automation • Smaller Part Features • Insert Molding • Wasteless Production • Reduced Post Processing • Product Design and Prot•otyping

Working With Extremes.

• Medical and Contaminant Free Molding • Bearing Grade and High Temperature Thermoplastics PEEK / Torlon® / Aurum® • Friction Modified Elastomers • Fuel and Chemical Resistant Elastomers • High and Low Temperature Elastomers • Kevlar® and Specialty Filled Elastomers • Thermoset Silicone and Fluorosilicone Elastomers

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