REDUCING FRICTION Quniton® serves as a highly lubricious material compound with performance capabilities uniquely designed to improve and withstand application needs. Formulated to have a low coefficient of friction, it resists bonding or sticking to a wide range of materials diversifying interface capability. ENHANCING PRODUCT LIFESPAN Quniton® possesses non-reactive properties that ensure consistent surface to surface contact over time retaining chemical and thermal stability.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced wear and abrasion—longer life
  • No extractables or leachables-biocompatibility USP Class VI
  • Maintains original form and sealing force
  • Consistent surface to surface properties over time-reduced stiction
  • Applicable in ozonated streams used for sanitization
  • Applicable in devices and equipment using high dosage UV light
  • High temperature applications to 500°F (262°C)
  • Suitable for applications with severe chemical exposure
  • ISO 10993-5 and NSF 61 (pending)

Material Data

Property / Formulation (FKM) 514AD 514GJ 514ZD 515AB
Tensile, psi 1520 1890 1882 1334
Elongation, % 193 279 111 152
Modulus @100%, psi 644 530 1662 859
Hardness, Shore A 73 73 86 74
Specific Gravity 1.85 1.9 1.85 1.85
Compression Set, 22h @200°C, % 11.9 11.5 9.8 4.9


Medical Device

  • Plunger seals
  • Syringe plugs
  • Vial seals


  • Faucet cartridges
  • Water heater valves
  • UV & ozone systems
  • Flow meter valves
  • Metal to rubber interface


  • O-rings & Quad-rings
  • Dynamic seals

Comparative Data

Quniton Comparative Data

Resistance Comparison of Various Polymers

Resistance to Polymer Quniton Natural Rubber SBR Butyl EPDM NBR Silicone Neoprene
Water Absorption G VG G VG VG G G G
Oxidation E G G E E G E E
Ozone E F F E E F E E
UV Aging E P P VG E P E VG
Heat Aging E G VG E E E O E
Heat G G E E E E E E
Cold G E E G E G E G
O: Outstanding     E: Excellent     VG: Very Good     G: Good     F: Fair     P: Poor

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