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Polyurethane (EU/AU)

Polyurethanes are noted for outstanding resistance to abrasion and tear. Polyurethanes provide the highest available tensile strength among all elastomers while providing good elongation characteristics. Ozone, oxidation, sunlight, weather, oil and incidental gasoline exposure are environments suited for urethane applications. Polyether based polyurethanes (EU) are directed toward low temperature flexibility applications. The polyester based polyurethanes (AU) provide improved abrasion, heat and oil swell resistance.

Polyurethanes are not recommended for alkalis, acids and oxygenated solvents. Polyester based polyurethanes are not typically recommended for hot water, steam and high humidity applications, but can be formulated to improve resistance to these properties.

Compounds 522GN, 522MD, 522FX, 522NR

  • Superior tensile strength compounds
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Low temperature operation to -40°F (-40°C)

Compounds 512AC

  • Excellent tensile and elongation properties
  • Low temperature properties to -70°F (-57°C)
Compound Hardness
Shore A
Tensile Elongation
Oil Aging
Volume Swell (Change %)
70hr at 100°C/212°F
MPa psi ASTM #1 IRM 903
522GN 60 18.1 2530 670 -11 -7
522MD 75 22.8 3300 280 -3 +4
522FX 70 24.8 3600 320 -2 +4
522NR 90 23.4 3400 125 +4 +0
512AC 80 26.2 3800 430 -5 +14