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Inflatable Seal and Clamp Custom Capabilities

Almost everything we make at Pawling EP can be defined as custom, from something as simple as a different diameter for an inflatable seal using a standard profile to as complex as a special fabric reinforced inflatable seal made to a 60 foot diameter for a telescope. The following is a brief listing of (what we consider) our custom capabilities, which we have successfully used to solve our customers’ unique opportunities.

Custom Rubber and Plastic Profiles

We have full in-house capabilities to manufacture custom inflatable seal and clamp profiles (both extruded, non-reinforced and molded, fabric reinforced) along with custom compression seals, gaskets, tubing, and bumpers. Over the years, we have developed literally thousands of custom profiles to address unique customer specifications. Keep in mind, however, this is not an easy process. It takes time, additional costs, and a highly collaborative effort to ensure a custom profile meets the needs of the application.

Seals Manufactured With Release Fabric or Film

Inflatable seals can be manufactured using a release fabric or film to reduce the coefficient of friction between the seal and the sealing surface. Use of fabrics or films can also improve a seal’s wear characteristics. At Pawling EP, we have experiencing using:

  • Bi-elastic fabric
  • High strength fabrics to improve wear in extreme environments
  • PTFE films
  • PTFE dispersions​

Use of Special Molded Corner Coves to Seal Square Corners

Since square right angle corners are not available on radially expanding inflatable profiles, intermediate sealing pads are employed between the radiused seal and the square corners of the opening to be sealed. These pads can be bonded to the seal or into the corners of the opening. When possible, bonding the molded corner coves into the corners is recommended.

Two-Piece Seals

When excessively high pressure differentials and/or harsh environmental conditions are present, 2-piece seals can be utilized. The solid elastomeric sealing pad isolates and protects the inflatable actuator tube.

Inflatable Seals and Clamps with Interlocking Ends

For installations where the inflatable seal must be wrapped around a shaft or other cylindrical surface, and cannot be installed over the end, mechanical interlocking male-female molded seal ends can be incorporated. Please note that this option is only available in limited profiles and we cannot guarantee a perfect seal at the joint.

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