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FKM Compounds for Fuel and Chemical Industries

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics offers a wide range of materials to meet the needs of fuel and chemical sealing applications. These compounds include a variety of FKM (fluorocarbon) materials, some of which offer more chemical resistance, improved cold temperature performance or heat resistance.

Explanation of fuel/chemical resistance for FKM compounds
514AD 70 duro FKM Gasoline/Diesel Fuel
515AS 70 duro FKM Base/Amine Resistance
514GJ 70 duro FKM Extended Fuels
514TS 70 duro FKM Extended Fuels/Low Temperature
514VJ 70 duro FKM Low Temperature Resistance
514BC 70 duro FKM Low Temperature Resistance
514UE 80 duro FKM *Specialty Chemicals/Blends
514UG 70 duro FKM *Specialty Chemicals/Blends

* Specialty chemicals include these oxygenated fuel extenders and solvents, but are not limited to: MTBE, TAME, ETBE, MeOH, EtOH, MEK and Toluene.

Compound Type Polymer %Fluorine Service Temp. Application
514AD Dipolymer VDF/HFP 66 -15°C to 230°C Low cost, general-purpose chemical
515AS Terpolymer TFE/Propylene/VDF 59 0°C to 200°C Base resistant FKM
514GJ Tetrapolymer VDF/HFP/TFE/CSM 70 0°C to 230°C Specialty chemical extended fuel
514TS Tetrapolymer VDF/PMVE/TFE/CSM 67 -20°C to 230°C Specialty low temp., extended fuel
514BC Tetrapolymer TFE/VDF/VE/CSM 67 -40°C to 230°C Specialty low temp., extended fuel
514VJ Tetrapolymer VDF/PMVE/TFE/CSM 66 -25°C to 230°C Specialty low temp., general chemical
514UE Terpolymer TFE/PMVE/Ethylene 66 -5°C to 230°C Ultra-specialty chemical
Kalrez® Dipolymer TFE/PMVE 73 0°C to 260°C Ultra-specialty chemical

VDF - Vinylidene Fluoride, HFP - Hexafluoropropylene, TFE - Tetrafluoroethylene , PMVE - Perfluoro (Methyl Vinyl Ether), CSM - Cure Site Monomer, VE - Vinyl Ether