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Inflatable Seals and Clamps

Inflatable Seal Standard Profiles

We offer over 80 different designs in 7 different types under the Pneuma-Seal brand – by far the widest range on the market today.

Q Standard Profiles

For our Q Inflatable Seal and Clamps configurator, we offer 22 of our more popular designs in which to choose from. Review this list prior to designing your own seal or clamp.

Inflatable Seal and Clamp Construction

Learn more about how inflatable seals are constructed and the difference between Extruded, Non-Reinforced and Molded, Fabric Reinforced designs.

Inflatable Seal and Clamp Configurations

10 standard configurations are available when designing with either Pneuma-Seal or Q. See how each differ and what may work best for you.

Recommended Inflatable Sealing Gap

Unlike compression seals, inflatable seals are inflated to close a designed sealing gap. Find out what factors must be considered when determining what gap is best for your application.

Inflatable Seal Corner Details

Corners may be configured for axial, radial expansion outward, and radial expansion inward inflation. Learn more about these different styles.

Inflatable Clamp (or Seal) End Designs

For inflatable clamps (or seals) which are either straight or u-shaped, the ends must be vulcanized closed. See how this is done and what you need to account for in your design.

Inflatable Seal Air Connectors

We offer a number of standard air connector designs, from flexible hoses (reinforced and non-reinforced), mechanical connectors, and molded in-place metal stems for Type 10 seal profiles.

Universal Air Connectors

As part of the Q Design Tool and Pneuma-Cel standard bladder clamps, we offer a slightly different air connector system. Before beginning your design, see what air connector options are available.

Inflatable Seal and Clamp Custom Capabilities

We have full in-house design capabilities to manufacture highly customized inflatable seals and clamps. View some of the customizations we have employed in other applications.

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